Lash of the Lake

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind

That co-conceives and believes in its manifestations

Are we alone when we’re alone?

The ground is chanting beneath the trees

Crown of the shore

Lash of the lake

The asylum of shells

That plate the skull of the planet’s core beneath the roar

All conspiring to become

Everything they cannot be alone

Mary knows their desire

Her devotion to their will

Shall never tire

In the great well of dreams

Awaits the inner life of all that comes to be

Trembling like stars

Seen at the brink of bearing

Fear It

Fear it, it calls you

You’re its servant for life

It’s always singing, sacred ringing

Never stop

It began before you were born

Beyond your body

Transmissions while dreaming

Patiently receiving


In reverie!

Fruit rots down, seed sprouts up

It began before you

Fear it, it calls you

You’re its servant for life

Built to Bloom

Built to bloom, even in the winter,

Staring out at the deepest love forever.

They are one with the light--

If they’re wicked, then I’m wicked, too.

Given gold in place of my mother--

Crushed it down to sand at the water.

It will come back to me

In forms that I can’t yet see.

I leap and creak with the weather.

There is not a storm I won’t remember.

My eggshells hang

Like swollen glowing rain.

Forget everything you know about Eden.

Draw the first garden from your mind.

Pull every rib

Like each one is a secret name.

Precession Aria

Three faces to the sun

Become the sun

One face gazing down

Into the open palm

In her lunar lap,

Passive hand,

Knowledge preceding from nature,

Constant invisible procession

Turned by hands

And given back

To the girl

On the bench

With three minds

Open, like sunflowers

In light


I’m an engineer!

I’m like a god!

Thirteen is power!


Death card.

They stated in the press

How I’d rise to victory,

Twenty-six boys

Inferior to me

My brother ruled the water

But I ruled the wind

My plane could soar!

Fly without a sound!

Like a nocturnal cackler,

Spectral harbinger,

Floating carriage.

These girl hands

Made a perfect treasure--

Meticulously measured--

With balsa and glue.

It collapsed in the hands of a man

Right before it flew.


Full fathom five thy brother lies

 They won’t let you discover          

Even when your mother sings

Or when they sing of mother

Viking cradle brings him home

Sunken, quiet, and alone

Reborn below the liquid veil

     A dark sea floor dead fish

Max peeled away its silver tail

A sacrifice, A final wish

Fin reclaimed now at his waist,

Maximilian glides with grace.

The greatest fear to little Max

Was struck and turned like a vane

Ghost retreated from his heart

     Danny ate his memory’s pain

When he submerged his strangeness,

He awoke insatiable!

The lake when you enter pulls

      As shrouding dream about you

Hidden with heightened sight full

    Beauty, spectres, treasures, blue.

What did Danny see in those

bitter , plunging, ocean groves?

Maximilian leapt,

Paint can on his head,

Into his greatest fear!

the sounds of fire

the sounds of fire speak

awake and you will see

I’m burning on your lawn

the sounds of fire speak

good morning, come and see

I’ve washed ashore now I've burnt away

the sounds of fire spoke

I'm glad that you've awoke

Now watch me turn from wood to bird to sky


I hear the wind

Whistling air

A siren call

To island lair

Come closer in

Be my art, too

Like Marielle

Singing to you.

I point to my mind

My love’s infinite store

I point to my mind

My ocean and my oar

Fire in my head

Skeleton exposed

Invisible skin

Traveling within

I’ve been to Pompeii

Sailed to West Indies

Cuba Belgium Germany

Jamaica Haiti

I exhaust my eyes

I exhaust my eyes

I point to my mind

I point to my mind…

Temple of the Moon

Hanga Roa

Ahu Tongariki

Colorado River

Pakistan Peru

Mountains Lakes and Ruins



Skip the airstrip to the sunset

Oh girl dancing down those dirty and dusty trails

Around the world, the trip begins...*

(*inspired by the B-52’s “Roam” from COSMIC THING)


Newsletter, black jetty machine

Our old Chi Omega hoots,

Broadcasting inward

To wonder.

A fond account of Washington teeth

Postcards of hours and space

Almost disappeared

Loving without measure


From some owl behind my trees--

Salutations beach, pebbles, cement,

Good old friends! Good new friends!

Every day shakes me.

Even I do departure.

A fond account of Washington teeth,

A dog, a squirrel,

Look--its tail furling,

Almost disappeared.

Write spelled lines and representatives.

Still my thoughts to mimeographed greetings,

Postcards about hours and space

And here,

Loving without measure,



Sometimes I think I’ve made my mark

For now.

Before the fire dims to dust:

An ignition in the heart,

A spark in the mind,

A desire to climb

From the ashes of the last


I had string bean limbs when I found out

That time was relative

To a space which might be infinite

And to a constant turning

Turning, turning, turning, turning

When souls leave their pilgrim homes

Will they find themselves

At this one?

Does my work here leave a trace

Invisible to (and unbound by) the living?

Have to dive to rise and see

Outside of time,

And inside the secret that sends us turning.

Turning, turning, turning, turning

Turning, turning, turning, turning

Turning, turning, turning, turning

Turning, turning, turning, turning