an offering, an album, a visitation: visitations iv

Dear friends & listeners — it’s here! Adam, Kavi, Ken, Nathaniel, and I joyfully announce the release of VISITATIONS IV and extend our gratitude to Jaime Hansen, Todd Rittmann, Shawn Stephany, Kyle La Mere, Connie Ward, and a nameless, now-long-gone photographer of the PWA for their talents that helped shape our LP into its own being.

You can order our vinyl LP on our merch page or bandcamp. If you’re in the Milwaukee area, find it at our favorite record stores Acme Records & Music Emporium and Rushmor Records.

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Here’s some press we’ve received around our release:

“This is a record of extreme focus, performed and realized by equally focused players. […] And yet for all the instrumental ornamentation, the highlight of the record is, once again, Allschwang herself. Her voice, forever haunting and wise, remains a wonder..” // Milwaukee Record, by Matt Wild

“But the driving influence [of VISITATIONS IV] is always Milwaukee itself, as reflected through the inventive backing band Allschwang has assembled: drummer Kavi Laud, guitarist Ken Palme, bassist/guitarist Nathaniel Heuer and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Adam Krause. Collectively they play off of the last 20+ years of Milwaukee post-rock, and they make it thunder and glisten.” // The Shepherd Express, by Evan Rytlewski

“For her sophomore "solo" album," Allschwang is accompanied by a full band, all recording these songs together, creating a raw wall of sound only to recede for breathless moments of soft-spoken introspection. As a musician and a writer, Allschwang is growing on "Visitations IV," and the Milwaukee music scene too is growing by her example.” // The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, by Piet Levy

“Marielle Allschwang is a creative powerhouse.” // Breaking And Entering

It’s an honor to be heard in this way. We’re so grateful for these words and and those you’ve shared with each of us in person/over the phone/in the comments sections.

A primary impetus for VISITATIONS IV was the anticipated ecstasy of playing these songs together as a band, so we were thrilled to be reunited with Kavi, who moved to Texas several months ago (thus stepped in yet another incredible drummer, our sixth Visitation, Thomas Duffey). Friends came in from as far as NYC, and Nadah El Shazly came all the way from Cairo, Egypt! (She’s on tour.) It was a cherished evening.

We had so much fun, we could barely find a photo where one of us isn’t smiling:

^^photos (c) Joe Kirschling

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Thank you for listening. Your time and consideration is precious—I’m honored to be given yours.