Night Gathering: A Ritual in Four Acts

I recorded a short suite of songs-as-ritual shortly after the Kavanaugh hearing. Night Gathering: A Ritual in Four Acts is now available for purchase on the merch page and bandcamp. This is a rare project for me: I recorded and engineered the record myself, and felt possessed by purpose; this recording feels immediate, intimate, and dark. One wish I had for Night Gathering was that it be partly improvisational. I had words prepared and limited myself to two instruments I found most tactile to me--the violin and a koto (or guzheng)—and which I rarely get the opportunity to play to my own music. More notes behind the impetus for making Night Gathering can be found here. I want to express heartfelt thanks to Margaret Muza for conspiring with me on imagery and creating the haunting wetplate photograph inspired by and for the ep, Luxi for mastering, and Adam Krause for encouraging me through the process (much of which was emotional). I thank those who bravely purchase this recording (as it will not be streamable, I’ve decided, so as to make this a more personal exchange) for your support and curiosity. It means so much to be in conversation with you, and to know you are willing to commit to something you most likely haven’t heard yet.

All proceeds for Night Gathering will be donated to the Sojourner Family Peace Center in Milwaukee.

photograph by Margaret Muza for  Night Gathering: A Ritual in Four Acts

photograph by Margaret Muza for Night Gathering: A Ritual in Four Acts

Marcus & Ramona / Married ep

I want to send out thanks from the bottom of my heart for your support of my debut album from 2015. Innumerable generous and talented people took part in the production of the music, the beautiful vinyl edition, and an award-winning video for "Aquarium." We make art when words alone are insufficient, and so I hope that the care and adventure undertaken with these 'firsts' reflect the deep affection and admiration I have for my collaborators, band mates, inspiring colleagues, and my gratitude for your attention and contributions to the cosmic conversation of art.

Last summer, I recorded new material with The Visitations, a name I adopted from a Jenny Erpenbeck novel about a place. I think of our musical unit as a place, and the work we make as a kind of visitation.

The first set of songs from our summer '17 session at The Chair Company (Milwaukee, WI) is a two-song ep, "Marcus & Ramona/Married." Matt Wild asked me about "Marcus & Ramona" -- this is what I said. 

And if you'd like to see pictures of our place, you can follow our new instagram, too.

We have a forthcoming full length and more news on the way. I'll be checking in here. If you'd like to be added to my mailing list, let me know!

thanks for listening,